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Here are several frequently asked questions about our work:

Isn’t the ease of operation of a replacement window better?

Our customers are always surprised at how smoothly a restored wooden window can operate. The main element to consider in the long term ease of movement of your window is the type of operating mechanism. Replacement windows operate on a spring system; your wooden window currently operates on a weight and pulley system. If you have ever owned anything with a spring function, you’ve noticed that the spring mechanism loses its tension over time and eventually gives out. In contrast, because of their weight and pulley systems, wooden windows will not lose their performance quality over time. Also, a spring suspension system is usually easy to open but hard to close whereas a weight and pulley window has the same ease of operation weather it is being opened or closed. Most people are surprised to learn that the major problem with their old windows is not much more than paint build-up and lack of lubrication.

Aren’t replacement windows better because they tilt in and are easier to clean?

The mechanical restoration of your wooden windows will allow both the top and bottom sashes to open and close with ease. Thus wooden windows may be cleaned with greater ease. The tilting mechanism on replacement windows has had a history of breakage due to its design. Weight and pulley operation is one of the most durable and efficient mechanical systems that, with proper lubrication, has lasted successfully in many homes for as much as two hundred years.

But aren’t replacement windows more energy efficient with double paned glass?

Your current old window actually has double paned glass. The storm and the wooden window constitute a double paned system. However, most homes have old storms that leak and wooden windows that have not been cared for. When properly restored, a wooden window (in combination with a properly sealed storm) is more energy efficient than a replacement window.

Restored wooden windows can be more energy efficient? How?

Several building inspectors have approached us about this issue. They told us they have been asked numerous times by homeowners, “Why is our home colder now that we have replacement windows?” The best insulation on a small scale is dead air space. On a replacement window the space between the two panes of glass is about 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch. On a wooden window the space between your wooden window glass and your storm glass is generally between 2-3 inches. This extra dead air space, when properly sealed and weather-stripped (and of course in combination with a sealed storm) means more insulation and increased energy efficiency.

But don’t replacements offer better noise reduction?

In combination with your current storm windows, the amount of exterior noise you will hear after a mechanical restoration will not change. However, in combination with some new storm windows, you will experience a significant noise reduction. For example, Harvey Tru-Channel storms have been nationally approved for the Airport Sound Abatement Program. In terms of noise from window operation, the rattling of your wooden window as it operates will of course diminish with mechanical restoration.

But is restoration always the answer?

No. There are factors that make replacing a window a better option. There are times when a wooden window is beyond restoration and we recommend replacement. But this is rare. We would be glad to offer a free estimate to determine the best solution for your windows. Also, if budget is of no concern, you might want to consider fine quality replacement window systems that begin at about $600-800 per opening.

But with vinyl windows I won’t ever have to paint again!

You are absolutely right. But remember that never again will you or any future occupants be able to enjoy the esthetic beauty of the old wooden windows. No one will ever again be able to paint the interior or exterior trim of the windows anything but “Super White.” Finally, remember that vinyl is simply a fancy word for plastic. Have you ever given a child a wooden toy and a plastic toy? Which lasted longer?

What about locks and child safety?

Our restoration work re-sets functioning locks or replaces broken or missing locks. The top sash on all windows will pull down allowing you to put your storm screen up and your top storm glass down. In this way the top area of the window is opened instead of the customary bottom. This feature eliminates the need for unsightly window bars.

What kind of maintenance will my restored windows need?

Restored weight and pulley windows need little maintenance. We recommend lubricating the pulleys, locks and weather-stripping once a year. This is accomplished in a few seconds by a spray bottle of furniture polish or other lubricant. When next you have your house painted, be sure the painters do not paint your windows shut or gum up the articulating edge where sash meets frame with paint.